Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service may impose fines for false alarms

17-September-2014 14:02
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Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service are considering charging private landlords for false alarm call outs after a report revealed that only 80 out of 2700 automatic fire alarm call outs in 2013/14 were genuine.

In total Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service spent more than £24,000 attending false alarms between July 2013 & July 2014.

Initial plans have been put forward this week to recommend that if a building has more than 9 false alarms in a year that the owner or landlord should be charged a fee.  According to a BBC report, is this fine was introduced the revenue from one problematic building alone (DeMontfort House in the City Centre) would bring in £12,700 alone, which would go a long way to recouping the Fire Service's costs.