Commercial Case Study

offices fire safety

Client: International Business

Summary of Services: Fire Door Surveys, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Fire Risk Assessments

Contract Start/End: 2021 – Ongoing

Location: London

UK Sites Serviced: 1 (340+ Fire Doors)



In 2021 we were invited to tender to carry out a fire door audit at the UK head office of a prestigious international business.

They had an upcoming re-development of their building in the pipeline and wanted to know if the existing fire doors were up to standard or whether budgets would need to be allocated to replace the fire doors which protected business critical areas.


Our Solution

Following our successful tender bid and being awarded the contract we carried out a systematic inspection of all the fire doors within the building.

Photographs, location markers and detailed feedback was provided for every fire door within the building with a clear report highlighting any defects and whether the door had passed or failed the checks.

This information was invaluable to the client and provided them with the qualified data required to make important decisions which in turn affected the re-development project as a whole.

Since completing this initial project and impressing the facilities team with our extremely high standard of work, we were then invited to provide quotations for other fire safety services, which we are pleased to report we were also successful. We now have added fire extinguisher maintenance and fire risk assessments to the services carried out for this client.

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