Fire Extinguisher Layout Design,

Supply & Installation

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Using the architect's technical drawings of your building we can design the fire extinguisher layout for your site to meet with all current British Standards whilst also taking into consideration your company's aesthetic vision.

Our technical drawing team also prepare fire safety layout drawings to accompany our Fire Risk Assessments, plus fire strategy drawings and Fire Alarm Zone drawings by arrangement.

.dwg files can be emailed direct to our sales team at for quotation. 

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 


All our extinguisher maintenance is carried out according to BS5306 pt3 & pt8 plus, we charge on a fully inclusive basis saving you money and also allowing you to budget accurately year on year. 

We pride ourselves on providing a courteous and polite service, both skilled and unobtrusive.  We believe that communication is the key to stong and long lasting working relationships and to this end all our technicians are extremely approachable and always more than happy to discuss with you the outcome of the extinguisher maintenance as well as fully explaining the reason for any recommendations they may make.

Integrity and honesty are of great importance to us as a company and it is extremely important to us that our technicians are not sales people, they are not paid commission for any recommendations they make to you.  This has been our policy from the very beginning and is one that we will continue to maintain as we know that this open, honest approach is the very reason our client satisfaction and customer retention is so high.  


Fire Risk Assessment

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Let us help your business meet the requirements of the Regulatory Fire Safety Order 2005 and more importantly, help keep your staff and your business safe.

Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 or Part 3 of The Fire & Rescue Services (NI) Order 2006 & The Fire Safety Regulations (NI) 2010. 

We offer the most comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment service available in today's market.  

All our Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by fully qualified Fire Safety Consultants with years of experience and expertise within the fire industry.

Our reports are clear, detailed and most importantly - easy to understand, giving real value to you and your business to help monitor your fire safety policies and procedures year on year and make improvements that keep your staff and your business safe.


Fire Safety Training

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We offer very enjoyable and informative Fire Safety Training Courses held at your premises at a time to suit you and your business.

All our courses run for approximately 3 hours and are lead by a Senior Fire Safety Consultant.

We currently offer the following courses;

  • Fire Warden Training

  • Fire Extinguisher Training (Including 'Live Fire' Training)

  • Fire Evacuation Training (Including a practice evacuation)


Fire Safety Consultancy


We have a large team of qualified and experienced Fire Safety Consultants available to help you and your business in all areas

of fire safety.

We offer clients assistance in the following areas;

  • Fire safety audits.

  • Development of fire safety policies & procedures

  • Development of fire & emergency evacuation procedures

  • Running practice evacuations, including feedback & report.

  • Assistance addressing issues raised by a fire risk assessment.

  • Change of use, or refurbishment and it's affect on your fire strategy.

  • General fire safety concerns. 

Total Fire Safety Management

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One bespoke package tailored around you, your company and it's needs...

Would you like just one point of contact for all your fire safety needs?

•One company to arrange and carry out all the routine testing of all your fire safety systems and fire extinguishers at the correct intervals throughout the year?

•One company to respond to emergency call outs and co-ordinate repair works?

•One company to call when you have a question about fire safety or fire safety legislation?

•One company who can explain all your legal obligations and ensures your company complies with all current fire safety regulations?

•If the answer to these is YES then our Total Fire Safety Management Package is for you.

Completely tailored to you, your industry and its needs, no package is identical, you choose only the services that are of interest to you.