Education Case Study

university fire safety

Client: UK University

Summary of Services: Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Contract Start/End: 2004 – Ongoing

Location: South East

UK Sites Serviced: 1 (1200+ extinguishers across several campus buildings)



We were approached by the Facilities Manager of this large university in 2004 to invite us to tender for their annual fire extinguisher maintenance.

The main issue they were facing was the cost of replacing so many of their units as their current provider did not carry out test discharges / extended servicing and instead insisted they buy new.

As an educational establishment, they also faced a number of extinguishers being tampered with throughout the year and the cost of call outs and refills was of concern to them.


Our Solution

On taking over this contract we began by creating a full asset list of all the extinguishers on site and also updated their CAD drawings to show the locations of each. This was of great benefit both to the client and also our technicians.

As a company we believe in keeping extinguishers in service until they are no longer serviceable. This meant that every 5 or 10 years, instead of simply replacing an extinguisher with a new unit at a greater cost to the client, we carried out extended servicing which obviously helped reduce their ongoing costs.

To combat the issue of students tampering with extinguishers, we provided cost-effective solutions in high traffic areas, such as cabinets and covers to prevent this and also worked on creating a small surplus of spares for the site so that re-fills of units that had been tampered with could be done in small batches, again saving money in the long run whilst still having the correct coverage in all areas.

This university, like many of the schools and colleges we work with, require that works are carried out during school holidays, this is not a problem for us and our admin team ensure that works are always scheduled on time and during the required weeks of the year. All out technicians have enhanced DBS checks.

Due to our unrivalled quality of service and our all-inclusive, no nonsense pricing we have successfully won the contract for this university again for the coming year.

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