Retail Charity Case Study

Retail_Case Study 2

Client: UK Charity

Summary of Services: Fire Risk Assessment

Contract Start/End: 2019 – Ongoing

Location: UK Nationwide

UK Sites Serviced: 500+



We first began working with this charity through a Facilities Management Company who were, at that time, responsible for all the FM work for this client.  However, a few months into the contract the charity parted ways with the FM company and as they were so pleased with the work we were doing, invited us to tender to continue to carry out the fire risk assessments of their 500+ locations directly for them.  We submitted our tender, with the approval of the FM company, and were successfully awarded the contract.

The priority for this client was the standardisation of the fire risk assessments across their portfolio and to engage a company that could handle both the volume and tight timescale required.


Our Solution

On commencement of the project our team immediately began work prioritising the sites for which locations required attention first.  Working with the client we devised a structured plan of action to ensure all locations were covered within the timescales required.  We worked systematically through each batch of 80-90 sites in two month intervals until all locations had received their fire risk assessment.

The contract was headed by one of our Senior Fire Risk Assessors who managed a dedicated team of consultants and admin staff who have worked with this client since 2019.  This team are very familiar with the client’s company procedures and also their expectations for this project.

Feedback provided was uniform for all the locations, the fire risk assessment reports were thorough and detailed and provided clear, concise instruction on the next actions to take for any issues found.

We continue to carry out annual fire risk assessments for this client having successfully had our contract renewed for the coming year.

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